3.1. Growth

There is 2 different implementations of the growth module.

3.1.1. SoleGrowthAction.java

In this implementation, the length increment only depends on temperature and is given by:

\[\Delta L = C_1 \times T^{C_2} \times \Delta t\]

with \(L\) the length, \(T\) the temperature and \(\Delta t\) the time step in days, and \(C_1\) and \(C_2\) are parameters (c1 and c2 respectively).

The temperature field is provided by the temperature_field parameter.

3.1.2. LinearGrowthAction.java

In this implementation, the length increment is provided as follows:

\[\Delta L = C_1 + C_2 \times \dfrac{F}{F + K_S} \times max(T, T_{thres}) \times \Delta t\]

where \(\Delta t\) is the time-step (in days), \(C_1\) and \(C_2\) are parameters (coeff1 and coeff2), \(T_{thres}\) is a temperature threshold (threshold_temp parameter), \(F\) is the food quantity and \(K_S\) is a half-saturation constant (half_saturation parameter). If the latter is not defined or equals 0, \(Q\) is assumed to be \(1\).

The name of the food and temperature variables are provided by the food_field and temperature_field parameters.