1.1. Download JavaΒΆ

Since Ichthyop numerical JAVA core is coded in JAVA, Java need to be installed. Beforehand, let us clarify some of the acronyms regarding the Java technologies.

JVM: Java Virtual Machine. It is a set of software programs that interprets the Java byte code.

JRE: Java Runtime Environment. It is a kit distributed by Sun to execute Java programs. A JRE provides a JVM and some basic Java libraries.

JDK or SDK: Java (or Software) Development Kit bound to the programmer. It provides a JRE, a compiler, useful programs, examples and the source of the API (Application Programming Interface: some standard libraries). A JDK is needed in order to compile and run the Ichthyop Java code. You can download JDKs here.


Since Ichthyop 3.3.7, the Java version must be >= 8