1.5. Running Ichthyop

1.5.1. Running from console

To run the model from the console, browse to the Ichthyop target directory and double click on the ichthyop-X.Y.Z-jar-with-dependencies.jar file, where X.Y.Z is the Ichthyop version


On Windows, you can click on the ichthyop-X.Y.Z.exe file

1.5.2. From command line

You can run Ichthyop from the command line (Terminal or CMD prompt) as follows:

java -jar target/ichthyop-X.Y.Z-jar-with-dependencies.jar

with X.Y.Z the version of Ichthyop you use.

This will prompt the Java console. In order to run Ichthyop without the console, you need to specify a supplementary argument, which is the XML configuration file.

java -jar target/ichthyop-X.Y.Z-jar-with-dependencies.jar cfg-roms3d.xml