4.4. Export trajectories to KMZ format

By default, Ichthyop records the particle trajectories in NetCDF format. It is perfectly adapted for archiving and sharing scientific data since it is a machine independent and array-oriented format. But it is not much handy for visualizing results.

Click on “Export to KMZ” button for recording the particle trajectories into a KMZ file. The file is recorded in the same directory than the Ichthyop output file, with the same name and the “.kmz” extension. KMZ format is the standard file format for visualizing georeferenced information with GoogleEarth.

Color settings (default color or color bar) and particle size will also be stored in the KMZ file.

When the export has performed, browse to the output folder and click on the KMZ file for launching GoogleEarth (assuming the program is installed on your computer).