1.2. Downloading Ichthyop

The Ichthyop model is available on GitHub: https://github.com/ichthyop/ichthyop

1.2.1. Ichthyop users

Ichthyop users can download Ichthyop executables here. Choose a version, and download the ichthyop-X.Y.Z-jar-with-dependencies.jar file (replacing X.Y.Z by the version number).

1.2.2. Ichthyop developers

Ichthyop developers will need to clone the source code. To do so, type in a Terminal (Unix/MacOs) or Git Bash prompt (Windows):

git clone https://github.com/ichthyop/ichthyop.git

To compile the code, first install Netbeans.

Open Netbeans and click on Open Project (open-proj logo). Find the Ichthyop folder (you should see a maven-logo logo) and open it. Build the project by clicking on the Clean and Build Project (build-proj logo)

The ichthyop-X.Y.Z-jar-with-dependencies.jar file should be created in the target folder.