7  Manager initialization

When an Ichthyop simulation is launched, managers are mobilized in the following order (cf. SimulationManager.mobiliseManagers() method):

graph TD;

    id0("Dataset Manager")
    id1("Release Manager")
    id2("Time Manager");
    id3("Action Manager");
    id4("Zone Manager");
    id5("Output Manager");

    classDef className fill:lightblue,stroke:black,stroke-width:3px,color:black

    id0 --> id1
    id1 --> id2
    id2 --> id3
    id3 --> id4
    id4 --> id5
Figure 7.1: Order in which managers are mobilized.

This order is the one in which the managers will be setup and then initialized.

During the setup process, the setupPerformed methods, implemented on all the manager classes, will be called.

After this setup process, the managers will be initialized. This will be achieved by calling the initializePerformed methods, implemented on all the manager classes.