1.2. Downloading IchthyopΒΆ

The Ichthyop model is stored in two GitHub directories, a public one (https://github.com/ichthyop/ichthyop) and a private one (for developers only, https://github.com/ichthyop-model/ichthyop-private).

The first thing to do is to clone or download the source code and to install the code manually. To clone the directory, type in a Terminal (Unix/Mac Os X) or CMD prompt (Windows)

# using HTTPS:
git clone https://github.com/ichthyop/ichthyop.git

# using SSH
git clone git@github.com:ichthyop/ichthyop.git

When a new version of the code is released, it can be updated as follows:

git pull


When using the SSH, it is necessary to generate a RSA key that will connect the computer and the remote repository (see Github Help for details)